Epic Cycle Adventures is complying to all Covid-19 requirements. We are operating from Alert Level 2 and you can read our full risk mitigation plan here. Below is a condensed version of this plan.

Bennett Rd Carpark & Shuttles

  • Guests to park at least 2m away from other vehicles to enable social distancing whilst loading/unloading.​

  • Guests are to maintain social distancing (2m away) from other groups at all times where possible.

  • Only one guest and one staff member to be inside Epic's container base at one time.

  • One guest at a time to present their bike to the Epic staff member loading bikes onto each trailer.

  • Guests luggage to be put in liner by guest and placed in a luggage pick up area.

  • Epic staff will be wearing gloves whilst interacting with guests and their bikes/gear at carpark.

  • Shuttle vehicles, helmets and bikes will be deep cleaned and sanitized between each use.

  • Shuttle capacity will be reduced when mixed guest groups are sharing a vehicle. Parties are encouraged to keep an empty row between them where possible.

  • Guests are welcome to bring and wear their own face masks on shuttles, but it is not required.

  • Contact information on each guest will be gathered in our booking system to enable contact tracing.

  • Group bookings are not be greater than 10.

  • Hand santizer is available for guests, but they are encouraged to bring their own to avoid cross contamination. 

Camp Epic

  • Guests are to maintain social distancing (2m away) from other groups at all times.

  • Guests are to occupy one dining table per party.

  • All guests are expected to wash their own dishes and wipe down the stoves and prep areas before and after they have prepared their meals.

  • Each party will receive a designated area in the fridge for chilled storage and a designated shelf for dry good storage.

  • Each guest will receive their own roll of toilet paper. Guests are encouraged to bring their own hand soap, toiletries and hand sanitizer to avoid cross contamination.

  • Disinfectant and hand sanitizer will be available around various places onsite for guests to use.

  • Tents, kitchen and ablution block will be deep cleaned each day between sets of groups.

  • Kitchen and ablution blocks will be regularly wiped down by staff during guests stay.

  • Linen is already changed in between every guest.